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Moon Rock & Moon Dust

Moon Rock is manufactured to a coarse grade, giving a black/grey coarse finish across any surface area. This product has good volume and is light weight, making it a very manageable material to work with.

* It gives a finish which would satisfy any studio’s Special Effects department.
* It is available in 2 different finishes: medium fine and medium coarse.
* It has been used in various films where a moonscape finish has been required.
* Due to the weight of the product it is easy to transport.

Volcanic Breeze Ash

Volcanic Breeze Ash is manufactured to a finer grading than the above Moon Dust. It is a light weight material and achieves good volume when spread over any surface area.

Dust Materials

CML will try to meet customer requirements and will endeavour to match or create materials to give an authentic moon or volcanic scape finish to the set.
See our set dust on Authentic and Reclaimed Materials. Our Red moon finish is perfect for the Mars Moon effect in a studio environment.