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York Granite Sets

Our reclaimed materials cover a broad range of products from Old York paving to reclaimed bricks and lamp posts. These are ideal for creating old authentic sets for period films and dramas. With our reclaimed products we can provide an original feel of the past. CML supply Old York flag stones, which were extensively used on the set of Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and Hamlet. We can offer a complete service where we supply and lay the products to our clients’ specifications.

Dove Grey Pebbles. Authentic Stage Settings.

Materials to create a wide variety of sets to suit individual requirements. Please call with your requirements. CML have a big range available , samples available on request.

Reclaimed Lamp Posts. Original Stage Props

Sourced to meet most requirements, please call with your requirements , we have a good range of reclaimed items. Items can be strip and resprayed if required.

Crushed Broken Concrete

Broken Crushed Building materials

CML can hand select with our Grab Lorry material to customers’ own specifications and sizing. We can grade crushed concrete to size.

Authentic Set Dust

CML produce 4 mm Down set dust to create that dust scene, from Period Dramas to the “dusty attic”, this material will help create an authentic scene for the cameras.

In addition we have a wide range of concrete and aggregate products:
* Constructional and Miscellaneous Materials
* All types of stone and sizes available
* All types of gravel in all sizes
* Crushed shells
* Rubber chunks
* Light Granulated Aggregate